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About Us


Windsor Capital Management (Windsor) is a specialist firm borne out of years of experience working with high net worth individuals from around the globe.  We have a passion to succeed alongside our clients and are keen to expand their opportunities and mobility through their citizenship and residency requirements. We are specialists in a number of regions with access to sought after, high quality real estate developers with extensive track records and access to exclusive real estate options.

We understand each client’s situation is unique, which is why our advisors are specialists in analysing each client on an individual basis and recommending the optimal solution for their circumstance. After undertaking a thorough analysis, Windsor’s experienced team will review and provide feasible options for the client to consider. On agreeing the most efficient solution, Windsor will develop a plan with timescale to achieve successful execution by dedicating the right resource to each application.

Windsor will liaise on your behalf with the local service providers and the government of the relevant jurisdiction to ensure a smooth and seamless process until successful completion of the registration.

Services for private clients

There are many reasons to work with Windsor, not least the ability to reach a wide range of options for investment, security and succession planning. Making an active decision with regard to your residence and citizenship gives you more personal freedom, privacy and security. With a multitude of options in the market, Windsor aims to make life simple for our client through our friendly, professional and diligent approach, providing a value-add personal service.

As a client of Windsor, we aim to provide you with the most suitable solutions rather than offering isolated advice. By working closely together as a team, our specialists pool together their knowledge and experience so that the specific details of each client’s case are considered from all perspectives. Not only do you have a large number of experts at your disposal, once you are a client, Windsor will assign a business analyst to your case who will coordinate the various stages and ensure continuity of strategy and service.

To establish yourself or your business in a new country requires securing relationships with key partners such as lawyers, tax experts, bankers, and real estate professionals. As a client of Windsor, you can rely on us to give you the right advice and introduce you to the right specialists. We will also help you build a network of contacts, take advantage of your new environment, and achieve your goals.

Services for wealth
management professionals

Every day, individual private clients and families, together with their trusted advisors worldwide, rely on us for our specialist knowledge in international citizenship and residence solutions.

The specialised services of Windsor are a resource and complement to other firms that advise international private clients. We regularly work with law firms, private banks, family offices, and other wealth management professionals by providing the unique and specific details required by the relocation and immigration process and related planning for their clients.

Many options, many

In many countries in the world, it is possible to incorporate a company, establish a branch or subsidiary of a foreign company, or invest in or establish a business and thereby obtain a residence permit. Likewise, it is often possible to obtain a residence permit if you meet the relevant requirements for persons of independent means.

However, the laws of most countries are increasingly complex and subject to continuous revision. The procedures can be daunting for prospective applicants who are not fully conversant with all the relevant legal aspects of their cases.

The use of an experienced specialist will significantly increase the chances of success. In the majority of cases, the use of a professional consultant makes the difference between obtaining a residence permit and being refused one.