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One of the biggest impacts of the Covid-19 crisis on the CBI/RBI industry has been the digitization of the application process, Windsor Capital Management’s co-founder, Hiran Chohan, has said.

Speaking recently about the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the space, Chohan commented: “As with any global business, the CBI/RBI industry has had to adapt to the changing landscape of restrictions and concerns facing its consumers due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have seen discounted offers, legal changes in the definition of dependents and quicker processing times.”

But, he added, the biggest impact has been on the CBI application process, which has had a complete transformation to digitization. “All CBI units have had to invest in infrastructure to ensure they can continue to keep up with demand, whilst working from home and processing applications completely online. This in turn has meant a swifter and cleaner process and, coupled with Windsor’s excellence in completing applications, has enabled us to deliver client approvals in record times,” he said.

The Covid-19 scenario has also highlighted the importance of what CBI can bring to individuals, added Chohan: “Global mobility and access to high class healthcare are things which cannot be taken for granted and will most certainly be a priority for those that do not currently feel they have this privilege. Before the pandemic, many people also took visa-free travel for granted and visa applications were just part of normal life, but one thing the pandemic has also highlighted is that anyone can get a visa, yes, but what if the embassy is closed? Having a second citizenship might just be the best vaccine to escape the next global threat,” he concluded.