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Residence and citizenship planning have become topics of significant interest among the increasing number of high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and investors. Windsor Capital Management (Windsor) aims to provide its clients with an efficient, seamless and personal service, both in the client’s current location as well as in the target country for residence or citizenship. With the benefit of our global network and access to key providers in different countries we endeavour to provide an unparalleled service to private clients and their advisors. Citizenship by investment program provide high net worths and their families with the opportunity to acquire a second or third passport, which affords them the rights enjoyed by residents. Listed below are the details of the most credible and successful citizenship programm offered by Windsor.
Antigua and Barbuda offers one of the most competitive citizenship program in the Caribbean.
  • Options start from USD $100,000
  • Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda have visa-free access to 150 destinations, including top business and lifestyle destinations
  • Ability to pass on citizenship to future generations
  • Right to hold dual citizenship
  • Citizenship for life, with the right to live and work in the country

The beautiful Caribbean island of Dominica offers nature and beauty to its residents and to Citizenship by investment seekers it offers one of the most competitive second passport options. Dominica citizenship is available via donation to the local development fund of the country or investment in a government approved hotel real estate development.

Dominica has become one of the most affordable and flexible second passport programmes available globally:

  • Options start from $100,000
  • Visa-free travel to around 140 countries and territories
  • Ability to pass on citizenship to future generations
  • Citizenship for life, with the right to live and work in the country
  • Right to hold dual citizenship
Greece is an increasingly popular destination for those seeking alternative residence. Successful applicants and their families are able to benefit from visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Area within three months of applying. Real estate investments start from as little as €250,000 and children up to the age of 21 can be included.
Grenada has fast become one of the most popular second citizenship countries given its world class education, bustling tourism and range of boutique 5* resorts. Its programme provides:
  • Second citizenship in Grenada and a passport to applicants
  • Visa-free travel to over 140 countries including the UK, EU Schengen countries, China, Russia and Singapore
  • Access for its citizens to the USA E2 investor visa.
  • Ability to pass on citizenship to future generations
  • Citizenship for life, with the right to live and work in the country
  • Right to hold dual citizenship
  • Applicants need to invest either $150,000 as a donation or $220,000 in a government approved real estate project
Malta is one of a growing number of European countries to offer a citizenship by investment programme:
  • Visa-free travel to around 180 countries and territories
  • Ability to pass on citizenship to future generations
  • Citizenship for life, with the right to live and work in all 28 EU countries
  • Right to hold dual citizenship
  • Access to the United States of America and Canada via eTA
  • An applicant for citizenship under the IIP must make three investments:
    • An €150,000 investment in Government-approved financial instruments such as stocks and bonds
    • A purchase (€350,000) or rental (€16,000 per annum for 5 years) of real estate
    • A donation to the National Development and Social Fund
  • The first two investments must be held for a period of five years
Portugal has one of the most popular residency by investment program available in Europe. Individuals and their families may apply for Portuguese residency by investing:
  • €500,000 in any property or
  • A government approved refurbishment property of minimum €350,000 or more for properties more than 30 years old or located in urban regeneration areas designated for refurbishing, or
  • A government approved property fitting any of the above requirements with 20% reduction on the minimum amount of investment, if purchased in a low-density population area (€280,000)
  • Added to this, to qualify for citizenship after 5 years, applicants need only spend an average of seven days per year in Portugal for the first year
St. Kitts & Nevis is the self proclaimed 'platinum' Citizenship Program of the Caribbean. It is the oldest economic passport Program in the world dating back to 1984. The duel island nation is known for its cloud-shrouded mountains and beautiful beaches.
  • Donation option starting from $150,000 or,
  • Real estate investment of $200,000
  • Visa free travel to 154 countries worldwide, including UK, EU Schengen zone, Russia and Singapore
  • Children up to the age of 30 can be included
  • No minimum stay requirement
St. Lucia is a British Commonwealth country in the Caribbean famous for its volcanic mountains. With its quick processing time and donations starting from $100,000, St. Lucia is one of the most cost effective citizenship solutions.
  • Visa-free travel to around 153 countries worldwide, including EU and UK
  • Right to hold dual citizenship
  • Citizenship for life, with the right to live and work in the country
  • Four investment options:
  • National Economic Fund Contribution
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Government Bond Investment
  • Enterprise Project Investment
  • Contributions start from USD $100,000 and passports can be acquired in as little as four months
The Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program offers one of the quickest routes to a second passport with citizenship available within just 2 months from application.
  • Visa-free access to 111 destinations around the world
  • No requirement to be physically present in the country
  • Requirements start from just USD $400,000
  • Windsor has secured some of the most sought-after real estate in the country with properties offering up to an 8% annual rental return
  • Turkey boasts an E2 treatment with the USA allowing Turkish citizens to apply for the sought-after US E2 business visa for the family
  • Turkish citizens may also gain access to the UK through the Turkish Businessperson visa by starting a business in the UK
Residency or citizenship status in the U.K. provides investors with access to a world of exclusive benefits:
  • Diverse and multicultural society represented by large cultural and ethnic communities
  • Superior standard of education, a broad network of state and private schools, and more than 150 universities and higher education institutions
  • One of the best free health care services in the world
  • Member of the G8
  • Unrivalled financial business centre (London)
  • Attractive tax regime for high net worth investors classed as U.K. resident, non-domicile
  • The travel mobility and security of a U.K. passport

The United States of America (USA) boasts a rich and diverse culture, one of the strongest currencies and sought-after passports in the world.

Individuals and their families can apply for a US Green Card in as little as 5 years through investment in the US EB5 visa programme.  Investments start from $900,000 and can give access to the US education system, the right to live, work and retire.

Windsor has sourced and partnered with the most desirable investment opportunities that qualify under the EB5 visa and together with our legal partners in the US can guide you through the entire process.