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Windsor Capital Management (Windsor) has hit the ground running in 2022 after celebrating an outstanding success rate among its CBI/RBI applications last year.

By working closely with its clients, having a strong due diligence process and partnering with leaders in the space, Windsor has achieved a 100% success rate since launch, and continues to deliver second passports to its applicants in record times.

Windsor Managing Director, Hiran Chohan, commented:At Windsor, we work closely with clients to establish their needs and identify the right solution for them. Before any application is processed, we complete thorough due diligence checks on all applicants to ensure they meet the program requirements. This is at no cost to the client, and it gives them the reassurance that, provided their documentation is valid, their application should be successful.”

Together with the enhanced due diligence Windsor performs, the firms works with an amazing group of people, all of whom are experts in their field, “which helps us in making sure all the correct documents are submitted for processing to ensure no delays and a successful outcome,” he added. 

Additionally, given the likely easing of travel restrictions in the coming months, Windsor is expecting the CBI/RBI market to boom even more dramatically in the coming year, and is encouraging individuals to get their applications in sooner rather than later.

“The Coronavirus pandemic has restricted global travel for the last 2 years and, just when we thought we were getting back to some sort of normality, the Omicron variant has thrown another spanner in the works. That said, global vaccinations and immunity is growing and I envisage less restrictions to be imposed on travel in 2022,” said Chohan. “This in turn should see an increase in activity for the CBI/RBI market and it will be interesting to see what impact changes to popular programs will have.”

No more so, he continued, than the Portuguese Golden Visa program which has seen sweeping changes to the investment amount for certain categories, as well as where one can buy qualifying property. “All in all, I see an increase in activity for the CBI/RBI market as well as the introduction of new programs. Let’s not forget, some of the most successful programs were borne out of desperation for FDI, and with the global impact of Covid-19, many countries could do with a boost.”

For those currently considering applying for their second passport, the time to act is now, added Chohan: “The investment migration market is ever changing and sometimes it is the victim of its own success. As we have seen with the much changed Portugal Golden Visa program, success of a program often means price increases and less attractive investment options in the future. There are also threats from political pressures – we know that the EU isn’t the biggest fan of CBI/RBI programs and I expect tighter regulations in the future. Therefore, I believe the best time to act is always now, as hindsight is always the most attractive option.”

Windsor Capital Management is a specialist advisory firm, assisting global citizens with their Citizenship and Residency requirements.

Contact: Email: info@windsorcm.com Telephone: +44 (0)203 983 6969